Being Young and Unemployed Sure Is Trendy

Richard Lawson · 07/07/10 12:16PM

You know what the kids are doing these days? Nothing. They are living in their parents' houses (or houses their parents pay for) and not working. But they are turning their unemployment into a new trend: the Millennial Job Whine.

The Unemployed's Newest Enemy: Cheap Credit Reports

The Cajun Boy · 08/07/09 03:43AM

As if America's jobless weren't screwed enough — more employers are running credit checks on potential employees for jobs that involve no financial decisions, so you'd better pay your bills on time even if you don't have a job!

Get Funemployed!

Hamilton Nolan · 06/04/09 11:47AM

The Way We Live Now: Funemployed. That's the new word, really! Does it sort of make you want to get gangsters to dispose of the linguist who coined "Funemployment," then flee to live on a houseboat barge? You're not alone.