Trump Campaign Just Pulling Meaningless Fundraising Numbers Out of Thin Air at This Point

Brendan O'Connor · 07/07/16 12:25PM

On Thursday, the Trump campaign announced that it raised $51 million in the last week of May and the month of June—$26 million for the campaign itself and $25 million for the RNC. While there is no reason to doubt, necessarily, the accuracy of these numbers—and they are obviously a vast improvement over the campaign’s abysmal $3.1 million May fundraising efforts—it is important to remember they do not represent anything close to a full accounting of the campaign’s financial health.

Donald Trump's National Finance Chairman Is One of Wall Street's Elite

Brendan O'Connor · 05/10/16 07:30AM

After dropping some $40 million of his own money on the Republican primaries—and making a very big deal about it—Donald Trump has realized he is going to need other people’s money if he’s going to be elected president. To help him get it, he’s named as national finance chairman his business associate Steven Mnuchin, a hedge fund manager with a history of donating to Democrats and exploiting the housing crisis for his own gain.

Hamilton Nolan · 06/06/13 11:16AM

Dinner for two and a photo with Barack Obama, all for only $32,400. RSVP now.

Barack Obama Makes Mid-Air Plea to Donors

Louis Peitzman · 07/01/12 09:25AM

Anyone on Barack Obama's mailing list knows that the campaign hasn't been shy about asking for donations — and for good reason. The President is in serious danger of being outspent by opponent Mitt Romney, and that could have serious consequences in the November election.

Jon Stewart Asks President Obama to Cool It with All the Emails

Matt Toder · 04/05/12 10:36PM

Jon Stewart gets a lot of emails from President Obama, as many people do, and he's kind of had it with them. As explained on tonight's Daily Show, everything is wrong with them and the overly friendly subject lines and the constant asking for money can snowball kind of quickly into something else entirely.

Occupy Wall Street Is Armed with Cash

Adrian Chen · 10/17/11 11:15AM

In just one month, Occupy Wall Street organizers have raised nearly $300,000 thanks to online and in-person donations. And that's in addition to the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been secretly donated by George Soros and Stalin's ghost.

Obama Campaign Raises Disgusting Amount of Money

Jim Newell · 10/13/11 11:38AM

Who would donate to the Barack Obama reelection campaign now, when everyone hates politics and life and he's not even in a difficult primary or anything? Apparently plenty of people would! He raised $42.8 million during the third quarter for his campaign committee, and another $27.3 million for the national party.

A Timeline of Barack Obama's Reelection Campaign Begging for Cash

Jim Newell · 09/30/11 02:14PM

The third quarter fundraising deadline for presidential candidates is today, today's the day! If you are subscribed to President Obama's campaign email or text message alert lists, you're well aware of this, because you are constantly getting emails and text messages with cutesy variations of, "So how bout those dumb Republicans, eh? Want to have dinner? Give us money right now." Here's the official recorded history of this aggressive blitz, going back a couple of weeks.

Palin: Pay Me and Then Maybe I'll Make a Decision

Jim Newell · 09/22/11 02:44PM

It's your lucky day, everyone: You have the opportunity to give Sarah Palin lots of money! And if you give her enough money she might just run for president. That's the deal. Do you, by any chance, feel like you might be getting played? Well stop feeling that way and hand over the fucking cash.

Mitt Romney Has the Creepiest Secret Rich People Donors

Jim Newell · 08/04/11 11:31AM

Here's just the latest sign that our campaign finance laws are healthy in every way the Founding Fathers could have imagined: A secret company that no one knows anything about has given Mitt Romney's SuperPAC $1 million and quickly dissolved into nothingness. The folks behind this fly-by-night operation are probably relaxing on a beach in Mexico by now! Oh man.

Meet Obama's Fancy Celebrity 'Bundlers'

Jim Newell · 07/15/11 04:07PM

So, campaign finance! Perhaps in need of some constitutional reform, hmm? But for now, the rules of the game for presidential campaigns are that you call all of your rich friends and have them bundle donations from their rich friends, "sometimes" in exchange for access or favors for everyone in this elaborate network of rich friends. So who's on the just-released Obama bundler list?