The Stephanie Tanner "How Rude" Supercut

Whitney Jefferson · 03/01/11 06:00PM

Well, this video is exactly what the headline implies—many, many instances of the pre-meth Jodie Sweetin saying her classic phrase on Full House. Did I actually just bring up her drug-addicted past? Say it with me: "How. Rude."

Do You Recognize The 90s Child Actor in This MetroPCS Commercial?

Morgan Barry · 09/01/10 11:43AM

Does this man from the latest MetroPCS commercial look oddly familar? Here's a hint: He was Stephanie Tanner's Boyfriend for a day. Still not ringing any bells? Behind the jump, click to see the face that's scarred into our brains.

John Stamos' Alleged Adventures in Underage Sex and Cocaine

Max Read · 07/12/10 11:02PM

Actor John Stamos tried to perform oral sex on a 17-year-old girl after plying her with cocaine delivered by strippers, according to the girl, who is now on trial for attempting to extort Stamos out of $680,000. Have mercy!

The Best TV Dads: A Father's Day Tribute

Kristina Lucarelli · 06/18/10 04:30PM

We here at Gawker.TV love our dads. But we really love our TV dads, for they taught us everything we'd need to know about life in under an hour. From the Danny Tanners to the Frank Costanzas, we salute you!

You Can't Tell Me What To Do, You're Not My Father

Richard Lawson · 04/10/08 04:09PM

Someone has made a strange, looping, Phillip Glass-y video from an old Full House clip. Apparently it was some kind of art project. It stars actors from all over the world who were found on Craigslist, and goes on and on and on. We're not sure why it exists, but it does. Watch it over and over again. It's mesmerizing. Video after the jump. [From AV Club]