Burglar Walks Out of Prison, Found Buried In Backyard 28 Years Later

Ken Layne · 01/24/14 03:20PM

Dennis "Slick" Lilly put on a prison guard's uniform and walked out of jail in December 1986, and that's the last the cops ever saw him alive. Despite being on the FBI's list of Most Wanted Criminals, Lilly was so slick that he disappeared into the life of a law-abiding small businessman in a woodsy town near Seattle.

Casey Anthony Is in Ohio, Disguised in Eyeglasses

Maureen O'Connor · 08/03/11 09:03AM

National hate object Casey Anthony has surfaced, the flashbulb bounty hunters at TMZ claim. Location: Ohio. Disguise: Eyeglasses and a baseball cap. Seriously, she couldn't do better than that? We were talking plastic surgery and radical haircuts last I heard. This is just a teen movie makeover scene in reverse.

Is Syria's 'Glamorous' First Lady Hiding in London?

Jeff Neumann · 05/10/11 07:26AM

As her husband deploys tanks to kill civilians in cities across Syria, many have wondered where in the world the "glamorous, young, and very chic" Asma al-Assad could be. It turns out that the dual British-Syrian citizen is probably hiding out in west London where she grew up, according to reports. The Telegraph spoke with a "high-ranking Arab diplomatic source" who claims that she is indeed staying in North Acton with her family. The source also said, "Clearly her presence could cause huge embarrassment to the British, so none of this has been made public." Yes, that would be pretty embarrassing!

Facebook Fugitive Taunts Cops with Pictures and Status Updates

Maureen O'Connor · 12/29/09 02:15AM

Remember how, in Catch Me If You Can, fugitive Leonardo DiCaprio kept calling Detective Tom Hanks to taunt him? Here is a convicted burglar doing the same thing, in real time on Facebook. Should we celebrate or fear him?