Weird Little Human Error Costs Company $190 Million

Hamilton Nolan · 06/03/16 09:10AM

Most of us have a vague sense that huge, multibillion-dollar companies have, like, systems in place to prevent them from making the sort of idiot mistakes that we, normal people, make. Not necessarily true!

All the Ways the Cops Reportedly Screwed Up the Prisoner Manhunt

Gabrielle Bluestone · 06/30/15 09:50AM

Did you think it was incredible that two escaped prisoners, armed with just the clothes on their back and the lingering love of a married prison guard (and possibly weapons), managed to evade thousands of police officers for more than three weeks? It was. And, according to the New York Times, probably unintentionally aided by law enforcement.

Aaron Schock Adviser Quits After Comparing Black People to Zoo Animals

Aleksander Chan · 02/05/15 03:59PM

Another calamity barreling out of Illinois rep. Aaron Schock's office today: Benjamin Cole, Schock's senior adviser for policy and communications, resigned this afternoon after a series of racially-charged Facebook posts—including one in which he compares black people to zoo animals—were obtained and published by ThinkProgress. In another since-deleted post, Cole writes that he "thinks they should build a mosque on the White House grounds," in an apparent dig at Obama.

Four Firefighters Injured After "Fuck Truck" Overturns on Highway

Jay Hathaway · 05/12/14 11:45AM

Alison Bologna, an anchor for Providence, Rhode Island's NBC 10, earned a spot in every future YouTube news blooper compilation for her coverage of a fuck truck—er, a fire truck—that overturned near Charlotte, N.C., last Thursday, injuring four.

DC Firefighters Stood By as an Old Man Died

Hamilton Nolan · 01/30/14 11:51AM

Last weekend, Medrick Cecil Mills, 77, collapsed in the street in Washington, DC. Fortunately, he was across the street from a firehouse. Unfortunately, they wouldn't help him.