Doug Ellin Goes On The Record About 'Entourage's' Fucking Problem

mark · 04/09/07 09:08PM

Last night's season premiere of Entourage brought the giddy hope that the conspicuously porking-free pay-cable series might finally cast aside its troubling modesty and let its boots-knocking-freak-flag fly, treating us to the kinds of hott, nonpenetrative action that is the right of all HBO subscribers. Alas, even in an episode featuring an ocean liner stocked with enough groupies and nymphomaniac Victoria's Secret models to kill even the most priapic, Hefner-level satyr, there was nary an ugly being bumped, on-screen or off, forcing us to once again repeat the LAT's recent question, "Are you really going to make us switch over to Cinemax to see some fucking, guys?" In an interview with TV Week.com, creator Doug Ellin explains his "tell, don't show" philosophy concerning his characters' ostensibly busy fuck-lives: