Why the SCOTUS Ruling on Gay Marriage Feels So Good

Rich Juzwiak · 06/26/15 04:04PM

Today we celebrate federal acknowledgment in the U.S. that same-sex love is love period. We celebrate the ease with which committed gay couples all over the country can fortify lives together, and that those lives will be protected under the law, just as they have been for their straight counterparts. We celebrate the act of putting into writing the assertion that gays are no longer second-class citizens. It is so ordered that gay people are people, too.

Getting To The Bottom Of The Fuck Yeah Ethos

heatherfug · 08/27/07 06:07PM

We were curious about the Fuck Yeah Fest the second we heard of it, imagining an orgy of hipsters joyously screaming — a la Team America's famous anthem — their blue approval of everything from skinny jeans on dudes (FUCK YEAH!) to t-shirts with ironic slogans about how stupid t-shirts with ironic slogans are (FUCK YEAH!). So Defamer videographer Molly McAleer vowed to get to the bottom of the Fuck Yeah ethos, and here's what she found: a disconsolate fanboy crushed that he didn't get a warm embrace by the band leader he is stalking traveled hours to see, and two dudes discussing not only their feelings... but their feelings about Kathy Griffin. For an underground fest that allegedly makes Sunset Junction look like Wango Tango, that's pretty fucking disappointing, actually.