Fuck It

Hudson Hongo · 08/21/16 10:55PM

Goodnight, friends.

Have a Look at the Column City Paper's Owners Didn't Want You to Read

Tom Scocca · 12/16/14 12:33PM

When Baltimore's City Paper was sold to the company that owns the Baltimore Sun earlier this year, the first casualty of its independence—before the sale even went through—was the February 26 column by City Paper stalwart and occasional Gawker and Kinja contributor Joe MacLeod. MacLeod's "Mr. Wrong" column, written in response to the news of the sale, was pulled from the presses on order of his soon-to-be-ex-bosses at Times-Shamrock Communications and spiked. More unpleasantness ensued. Here, for posterity, is that lost column.

Here's a Supercut of Every F-Word in The Wolf of Wall Street

Jay Hathaway · 04/23/14 09:58AM

The Wolf of Wall Street holds the record for most F-bombs in a single film—(not counting a documentary about the word "fuck," because that's cheating)—with 569. This supercut contains two-and-half solid minutes of F-words from Martin Scorsese's profane fucksterpiece.

The 12 Movies with the Most F-Bombs in Them

Matt Cherette · 08/18/10 08:37PM

Sometimes, movies contain no utterances of "Fuck." Other times, they contain a fuckload of them (hah). Have you ever wondered what the Top 12 movies, as measured by their "Fuck" frequency, were? The answer—via an awesome infographic—inside.

The Best Fucking Financial Crisis Books

Adrian Chen · 03/28/10 10:00PM

This is fun: Paul Kedrosky has assembled a list of books about the financial crisis which contain the most instances of the word "fuck." Surprisingly less than we expected, given the topic. Full list, after the jump:

Julia Roberts Curses Like a Sailor

Richard Lawson · 04/28/09 04:32PM

While she seems so nice in her movies, the real Julia Roberts works blue. At Sunday's Lincoln Center tribute to Tom Hanks the actress spoke last, and boy did she say fuck a lot.

McLovin' Drops an F-Bomb on Kimmel to Stunned Silence

Richard Lawson · 03/20/09 01:27PM

While everyone was watching Barack Obama on Leno last night, that increasingly-prickish-seeming McLovin' kid, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, was on Jimmy Kimmel's not-actually-live show last night saying "fuckin'" and not getting bleeped. Not that anyone noticed.

Suri Cruise Awfully Full Of Herself For A Baby

Richard Lawson · 11/19/08 04:38PM

Yesterday Forbes named Katie Holmes' and Tom Cruise's 2-year-old daughter Suri, a child made of moonbeams and space rock, Hollywood's Hottest Tot. Not in a gross sexy way, but in a she-commands-a-lot-of-attention way. It's true! And she's gotten rather haughty and big of head about it lately. Why just look at the accompanying photograph. Click for larger. Image via Splash

Scarborough Slapped With Tape Delay

Ryan Tate · 11/12/08 08:06AM

MSNBC moved to protect America from Joe Scarborough and his vile, cursed curses. According to Broadcasting & Cable, the Morning Joe host will be delayed seven seconds to hopefully prevent a repeat of his on-air "fuck you" Monday morning. That puts the former Republican Congressman in the same electronic dunce cap as Don Imus, who was tape-delayed by the cable network before he managed to broadcast something racist anyway. There's already chatter this makes Scarborough's show less edgy and "dangerous," but a tape delay can't prevent another nasty on-air fracas between Scarborough and his lefty colleagues, now can it?