Army Sex Assault Prevention Officer Investigated for Prostitution Ring

Taylor Berman · 05/14/13 06:59PM

The Pentagon announced Tuesday night that an Army sergeant in charge of sexual assault prevention at Ft. Hood is under investigation for sexual assault. The investigation, according to Pentagon officials and a Capitol Hill staffer who spoke to USA Today, focuses on accusations that the soldier forced a subordinate into a prostitution ring and sexually assaulted two others.

Who Took Down the Ft. Hood Shooter?

Foster Kamer · 11/07/09 04:15PM

You're a cop, you're on your way to get your car fixed. You hear there's a shooter at Fort Hood, and then what? You're supposed to respond. It's your job. But could you do what Sgt. Kimberly Denise Munley did?

Mass Shooting Reported at Ft. Hood

John Cook · 11/05/09 03:19PM

Click to viewAn Army soldier killed twelve people and wounded 31 at the Ft. Hood Army post in Killeen, Texas. The shooter has been killed, but two suspected conspirators, also soldiers, are in custody.