FSU Lecturer Loses Job Over Rant Against "Filthy Rodent Muslims"

Adam Weinstein · 12/10/14 11:50AM

A senior business communications instructor at Florida State University left her job but refused to apologize last week after blaming "filthy rodent Muslims" for ruining France and telling a prominent gay hairstylist on Facebook to "Take your Northern fagoot [sic] elitism and shove it up your ass."

Here Is the Video of FSU's Jameis Winston Stealing Crab Legs

Adam Weinstein · 05/15/14 12:59PM

Jameis Winston, the Heisman winner, national title champ, and Florida State football hero, can do no wrong according to his biggest boosters—at least, not without incontrovertible evidence. Well, here's some evidence that he's a dumb supermarket thief, if nothing else.

Guy Writes Football Thing

John Cook · 11/21/13 03:47PM

Adam Weinstein, the newest addition to the Gawker family, has written a vivid and moving account of his days as an instructor at Florida State University, where the football program has fully captured the academic mission, for our brolleagues at Deadspin. Football is the one with the longish ball, I think.