Why No Fried Fruit?

Hamilton Nolan · 08/12/14 03:36PM

Fried chicken. Fried fish. Fried potatoes. Fried vegetables. Fried dough. All popular staples of the American diet. Hey guys, one question: why no fried fruit?

Hamilton Nolan · 06/06/14 02:39PM

A new study finds that the most nutrient-dense vegetable is watercress. Also, the best fruit is blueberry, and the best pie is sweet potato.

What Healthy Food Is the Tastiest?

Hamilton Nolan · 04/04/14 01:35PM

Some food—cake, pie, pizza, nachos—tastes great. Some food—wheatgrass, chia seeds, kale—is healthy. But what one food tastes the best while still being healthy?

Fruits, Ranked

Hamilton Nolan · 12/10/12 02:10PM

Ever since we started reporting on important fruit issues, a lot of desperate biters out there are talking about fruit. Look, let's put this whole fruit discussion to rest so that we can get back to more important matters. Here is the definitive ranking of fruits.

Why No Orange Pie?

Hamilton Nolan · 11/21/12 10:00AM

Oranges: a popular fruit. Very popular. Go in any place that sells fruit, fruit store, or whatever, and I bet one thing you will see there displayed prominently is—that's right—oranges. The point is that oranges are very popular in America. So then, smartass: why is there no orange pie?

Grocery Store Produce Sections: Now Just For Looks

Hamilton Nolan · 10/20/11 12:08PM

Think of "fruits" and "vegetables" like parsley. Parsley is a vegetable. And here in America, we use fruit and vegetables the same way that we use parsley: as window dressing, as a little green thing that makes the real food (Cheez) look better.

Cantaloupe Is Deadly

Brian Moylan · 09/28/11 03:28PM

The worst part of any fruit salad, cantaloupe, is now the most deadly. Sixteen people are dead and 56 more people in 18 states have fallen ill after eating melons which were infected with listeria.

The Banana Apocalypse Is Coming

Brian Moylan · 07/22/11 02:44PM

You just love eating bananas from the supermarket, right? Well, you better get your fill because a fungal infection is threatening to wipe out the yellow fruit that we all take for granted.

Man Fends Off Armed Assailants With an Apple

Maureen O'Connor · 04/28/11 12:49PM

After being stabbed in the side with a butcher knife, a 58-year-old parking garage attendant in the Bronx fended off two armed attackers with an apple. The surveillance video shows two younger men threatening the attendant, who happened to be holding an apple at the time. (By color, I would guess it is a Gala. Jonagold, Fuji, and Honeycrisp are also possibilities.) As the knife-wielding assailant lunges at our frugivorous hero, he flings his snack at his attacker, then shoves the thug out the door.

This Little Girl Is Not a Fan of Grapefruit Juice

Matt Cherette · 01/12/11 02:53PM

This video is cute—well, it's cute in a "Did that little girl just get possessed by Satan?" way. Anyway! This is Penny. Because Penny's parents are horrible, they decided to feed her grapefruit juice and film the results.

Cats Are Cuter with Oranges Stacked on Top of Them

Matt Cherette · 01/10/11 04:33PM

Here's a 30-second video of three really, really, REALLY cute kitty cats sitting still for their owner. Oh, also: the aforementioned owner spends the 30 seconds stacking oranges on top of the cat's cute little paws. BAWWWWW, amirite? Watch inside.