Yes, There Are Two Penguins in First Class on This Airplane

Max Read · 03/09/12 11:50AM

Here's a video of two penguins — Pete and Penny — chilling in first class on a flight from Atlanta to New York, where they were guests at the premiere of Discovery Channel's documentary Frozen Planet. I'm thinking there are two joke possibilities here: something about "flightless birds" and something about how of course penguins would be in first class; they're always wearing tuxedos. Mostly, though, I think all planes should have penguins. [via Yahoo]

Watch a Penguin Turn to a Life of Crime

Matt Cherette · 10/18/11 03:21AM

Next week, the BBC will debut a series about animal life in the Arctic and Antarctic called Frozen Planet. In this preview clip, male members of an Adelie penguin colony in Antarctica gather stones to build nests while competing for lady penguins in the process. But as you'll see, not all of them do it honestly.