Life at Wal-Mart: The Workers Speak, Vol. 1

Hamilton Nolan · 10/15/10 12:13PM

Wal-Mart is planning its entry into America's last remaining Wal-Mart-free areas. (Hello, NYC!). Yesterday, we asked Wal-Mart workers to send us their experiences working there. Several did. Tales of puddles of blood, homophobic managers, and "mean assholes" below.

Bomb Scare in Midtown Manhattan (Updated)

Hamilton Nolan · 09/02/10 03:22PM

Tip! "There is some sort of bomb scare on 51st & park. They closed down the street and put police tape around this sweet black Mercedes. They also blew out the tires. We are not aloud [sic] to leave the building."

Why Is Shep Smith on Fox?

Pareene · 06/10/09 04:53PM

Oh, right, because he's a wonderful entertainer. But he also has a brain, and a conscience, and Shepard Smith has noticed that the emailers have become... unhinged, lately.

Student-Professor Dust-Up at Columbia

Ryan Tate · 05/20/09 06:33PM

Today was graduation at the Columbia Journalism School, and the ceremonies were tinged with regret. Not just because the news media is imploding, either: there's a mysterious flap involving a non-graduating student and a professor who supposedly breached "standards of communication."

Save Your Newspaper: Don't Let Anyone Cancel

Ryan Tate · 04/19/09 11:36PM

The chairman of the Associated Press says he's "mad as hell" at people who don't pay for news. Is that why his newspaper is reportedly impossible to cancel?

As newspapers bleed print readers, the Los Angeles Daily News seems to have hit upon a circulation strategy that WORKS: make it super hard to stop delivery, then sic a collection agency on delinquent "subscribers."

Esquire Is Getting Nervous

Hamilton Nolan · 04/16/09 11:31AM

Esquire's ad revenue dropped 22% in the first quarter, which actually put it above average. But we hear that the magazine's staff, and its corporate overlords, are on edge. There was a meeting yesterday [UPDATED]...