Anthony Weiner's Real Sin Is Not Knowing How To Take a “Dong Shot”

Ken Layne · 07/25/13 02:00PM

Anthony Weiner may have disqualified himself from the mayoral race with his constant lies about when he did or didn't send penis pictures to America's ladies, but as Brian Moylan wrote in 2011, Weiner's real crime is not knowing how to take a "dong shot."

Here Is the Archive of the Famous Liberal Media 'Journolist'

Hamilton Nolan · 06/21/13 09:13AM

Way back in 2009, the hottest media story was the exposure of the existence of "Journolist," a private listserv of several hundred mostly liberal journalists, talking to each other about crap. This was perceived as a big scandal! Andrew Breitbart offered $100,000 for the full archives. Well, we got (some of) them. Here they are.

'Styled For Action'

Hamilton Nolan · 08/27/09 02:05PM

Was there really a time when these could be found "At better selected stores. About $9.00"? Or was it all a dream? "Your sign is on my balls, baby," we imagine him saying. Click to enlarge. [Copyranter]

So What Does Comedy Plus Time Equal?

Gabriel Snyder · 06/26/09 02:18PM

Here's the cover of The Post New York Post, a 1984 parody about how the tabloid would cover a nuclear holocaust. It was edited by, I believe, Tony Hendra and Kurt Andersen. I remembered it today for obvious reasons.

Carell, Colbert on Negative Campaigning

Pareene · 10/16/08 11:45AM

You know what is weird and fascinating and taking up a great deal of our time today? Watching old episodes of The Daily Show from Election 2000. Jon Stewart was so young! And marginally less outraged all the time! (Though it is quite clear that the 2000 election shifted him with surprising speed from the sarcastic MTV alt-comedian of the '90s to the sarcastic outraged cataloger of horrors that he is today.) (Also Stephen Colbert was an amazing performer even then.) So check up on the depressing third debate between Al Gore and George Bush! Or watch with us the prescient "negative campaigning" debate between Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert, after the jump. And weep for your lost youth! Click to view