Catch Up Before Fringe Returns Tonight With a New Music Video

Whitney Jefferson · 01/21/11 10:00AM

Fringe is finally back tonight, guys! Sure, Fox moved the show to Fridays, but they promise they haven't given up on the show quite yet. They even made a catch-up music video to the Klaxon's "Echoes." Watch inside.

Watch a Movie-Style Trailer For Thursday's Epic Episode of Fringe

Whitney Jefferson · 11/30/10 07:00PM

Fringe fans—are you excited? Non-Fringe fans—what's wrong with you? It's time to get on board with this fantastic show, and Thursday's episode "Entrada" is the perfect time to jump on in. The trailer of the epic episode, inside.

Fringe's Third Season Takes Off "Over There"

Anderson Evans · 09/24/10 12:25PM

Fringe has just reached season 3, and for a show designed not to require linear viewing, there is much to take in. The season premiere takes us to a parallel world where Eric Stoltz starred in Back to the Future.

Fox TV Wants to Be Your Stripper with a Heart of Gold

Richard Rushfield · 10/08/09 10:22AM

The Fox television network reminds us of many things. When it shows American Idol, it's kinda like a great big Radio City revue. When Moment of Truth airs it's more Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro, Hypothetically Together Again

STV · 10/02/08 01:20PM

· In their highly anticipated return to rumors of reuniting, Martin Scorsese is attached to direct Robert De Niro in I Heard You Paint Houses, based on the story of a mob hit man reputedly linked to the death of Jimmy Hoffa. Steven Zaillian will adapt the source book. [Variety] · With the Jetsons movie permanently stalled and Huckleberry Hound resting snugly on the bottom of the Hanna-Barbera remake barrel, Warner Bros. has defaulted to Yogi Bear as its live-action/animation hybrid to make entire generations cringe in 2010. [THR] After the jump: Kung Fu Panda reups in 3D, Fringe reups in 2D, and crisis! grips! Bollywood!· Jack Black and Angelina Jolie will return for a 3D Kung Fu Panda sequel, prompting the Chinese scientists so humiliated by the first one to ramp up their pursuit of a fourth dimension for their eagerly awaited response. [THR] · The number of new DVD titles released through August is down almost 15% from the same time last year, 8,661 to 7,381. Come on, Hollywood — let's get going! Harvey can't keep up this pace all by himself! [THR] · The Bollywood film industry is in a standstill today after 147,000 workers in 22 unions (even the dancing girls!) went on strike to protest substandard pay and work conditions. In related news, Warnari Bros. Studios drew fan wrath after the stoppage forced them to delay the release of Hari Puttar 2 to summer 2009. [Variety] · You wanted it (we think), you got it: Fox ordered a full season of JJ Abrams's Fringe. [THR]

Fox TV Star Would Rather Not Talk About Her Rupert Murdoch Connection, Thank You

Richard Lawson · 09/17/08 10:32AM

If you were Rupert Murdoch's niece, you'd probably keep it under wraps too. Anna Torv, the Vera Farmiga-esque star of J.J. Abrams' new X-Files rip-off sequel homage? inspired show Fringe, is the Australian media mogul's (and wicked conservative world manipulator who owns the television network she's on) niece by marriage. But she's not too fond of the connection. "I hate that that even comes up," she told an inquiring mind. "I've been estranged from my father since I was eight." Her father being the brother of Murdoch's ex-wife, also named Anna Torv. Hah. Murdoch and Torv's divorce was pretty nasty, so her being cast was probably not a case of nepotism. Just sheer weird coincidence (like on the show!). You have to wonder what the Fox Labor Day picnic was like. "Ello there, how's the potato salad?" "Good. It's... good." I also wonder if she ever wakes with a start in the middle of the night with the sensation of having cold hands around her neck, a low rumble and the faint hum of a didgeridoo lilting in from somewhere past the bedroom door.

Fox Goes To School!

Seth Abramovitch · 08/25/08 04:45PM

· Fox will stream the premieres of Fringe and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on their website while the shows air on TV, but they'll only be accessible from college dorms. As an additional feature of their on-campus marketing efforts, if there's a Fox-branded sock on the doorknob, that means your roommate is getting busy with his girlfriend during an episode of House. [Variety] · All 1.3 billion in China tuned in to the Olympics closing ceremony, and are now intimately familiar with E! pre-show host Ryan Seacrest, who they refer to as 树猴, or "the kind-eyed Golden Tree Monkey." [THR] · Barack Obama continues to be underrepresented in the guy-with-a-talk-show sector, as the Committee for Late Night Monologue Political Parity released preliminary findings putting the Democratic nominee at 169 punchlines versus McCain's 322. [Variety] · Paul McCartney has announced he'd play Tel Aviv on September 25. The performance comes 40 years after The Beatles were banned from Israel "over concerns the group's lyrics could corrupt Israeli youth." Translation: "What—you couldn't have said you were bigger than Moses? Get lost for 40 years, we'll be in touch." [Variety] · Let's play One of These Things Just Doesn't Belong: Demoted Casting Edition! [THR]

New J.J. Abrams Series 'Fringe' Billed By Fox As 'Felicity With Smoke-People'

Seth Abramovitch · 05/15/08 05:35PM

· Fox's fall schedule announcement introduces only two new shows: a comedy called Do Not Disturb (formerly The Inn), and J.J. Abrams's new series Fringe, which will air Tuesdays at 9 after House. Details on Fringe are being kept under close wraps, but based upon a slew of promotional images over at TV Week, we think it revolves around a conspiracy discovered by a quality control technician at a menthol cigarette factory, played by Joshua Jackson. Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, meanwhile, and new animated shows Sit Down, Shut Up and The Cleveland Show won't air until mid-season. Executed: Back to You, Canterbury's Law, K-Ville, Nashville, New Amsterdam, The Next Great American Band, The Return of Jezebel James and Unhitched. [Variety]
· Daniel Day-Lewis may be taking over the role vacated by Javier Bardem in Rob Marshall's movie of the musical Nine. Bla bla milkshake jazz-hands bla bla. [Variety]