Women Have Conquered August

Richard Lawson · 08/22/11 09:30AM

It's true! Lady movies are officially the go-to fare for the final summer month. Though, don't discount apes. Don't discount them ever, we've learned this summer. We've also learned that America only has room for one Conan.

What's Opening in Theaters This Weekend

Richard Lawson · 08/19/11 06:10PM

We have only three summer weekends left, so the last few dregs of summer movies are lurching out of the shadows to entertain you. Today we have a wistful British romance, a scary American vampire, and a far-eastern war.

Fright Night: Colin Farrell Wants to Suck On You

Richard Lawson · 05/16/11 02:45PM

Here's a trailer for Fright Night, a remake of the 1985 movie about a teenage boy realizing that the new man next door is a murderous vampire. So it's a vampire movie, but for boys this time!