Finally, America Wins

Richard Lawson · 07/25/11 10:25AM

It was a patriotic explosion of patriotism at the box office this weekend, with our ultimate superhero and protector soaring to high heights. Those blasted British wizards still did good too, unfortunately. And some red-blooded American youths played all right as well.

What's Opening in Theaters This Weekend

Richard Lawson · 07/22/11 05:45PM

As most of the country melts under the Heat Dome (screw you, Seattle), the best thing to do to beat the heat is head to the multiplex and sit in the arctic AC for a while. To entertain you this week we have a superhero, a super couple, and a supernatural tale of woe.

The Friends With Benefits/No Strings Attached Mashup You've Been Waiting For

Seth Abramovitch · 06/30/11 06:34AM

No Strings Attached. Friends With Benefits. Friends With Strings. Attached With Benefits. Are there any differences to any of these movies? Not really. One stars an overexposed, overconfident pretty boy who fancies himself a high tech mogul, and so does the other one. One features an actress that starred as a prima ballerina in the movie Black Swan, and so does the other one. One is a shitty romcom about falling in love with a fuckbuddy, and so is the other one. THEY ARE THE SAME MOVIE, YOU SEE. Still not convinced? Then watch this video. [via BoingBoing]

America Just Doesn't Want to See Its Teens Screwing

Richard Lawson · 06/09/11 04:11PM

If the cancellation of Skins is any indication, America just isn't ready to see boffing kids. Also today: Julie Taymor wants her money dammit, good/bad news about your favorite future sitcom, William Shatner's got a new gig, and so does Damon Lindelof.

'Friends with Benefits' Will Give You Herpes

Max Read · 04/16/10 12:42AM

"Friends with benefits," more like, "friends with herpes." According to one not-at-all-fearmongering researcher, having sex with your friends can speed up the spread of STDs. We recommend the tried-and-true "blogger method" of STD prevention, "never have sex, ever." [CNN]

From 'Making The Band' To 'Making The Bed'

Molly Friedman · 06/02/08 07:20PM

What would happen if Hollywood’s most boy-crazy, sex-obsessed serial dater hooked up with Hollywood’s most lady-loving, satin-sheet-sex-obsessed player of all players? Well, for one thing we’d write about it. For another thing, the couple in question would most likely spend a sample evening locked in a private New York bar’s room, lorded over by a bodyguard just because they were so frisky they needed 20 minutes to themselves...that very second. Something else they might do? At a private concert thrown by Prince at his infamous party palace, they might escape immediately after feeding each other that always seductive aphrodisiac, bread pudding, into the “labyrinthe corridors leading to [Prince’s] basement” and do, well, what these two stars in question apparently do best: the dirty. Join us after the jump to put some faces to these places:

Benefits Destroy Friendships

Joshua Stein · 10/02/07 04:30PM

For almost everyone these days, a post-coital flop on an Ikea couch to watch reruns of Friends in your comfy green Hanes sweatpants alongside your pal in whom you just were is a discomfiting experience. Sure, there might be a vague feeling of reassurance, and probably the sex was fine— but you know it's just gonna get weird between you two. And you are scientifically correct! Odds on you, genius! According to a new study, written about in the Times today, Friends With Benefits relationships often end both the affair and the friendship. So next time you're drunk and horny and alone—sometime in the next 90 minutes, we're thinking—don't dive for your best friend. You should be having sex with your enemies.