Let Us Not Forget That Peyton Manning Loves Jeb Bush

Melissa Cronin · 02/07/16 07:55PM

On this day of all days, arguably the most important day of the year for both athletics and for #brands, we must not forget the ties that bind us: namely, the ties between the Denver Broncos’ quarterback, and the youngest Bush boy.

Your Boss and Your Money and Who's Your Friend

Hamilton Nolan · 09/11/15 10:35AM

You may love your job. You may love your boss. But if your boss has a problem with you getting the money you deserve, then the friendly boss is not your friend.

Warner Bros. Fined a Fan $20 for Pirating the 31st-Best Friends Episode

Jay Hathaway · 06/08/15 11:04AM

Some ways to watch Friends, a classic situational comedy about white people, include: buying digital episodes for a couple of bucks each, purchasing them on physical DVDs for even less than that, or catching some of the many, many syndicated reruns available on network television for free. Or you could just pirate an episode and agree to pay Warner Bros. $20 in an automated settlement offer. Whatever. Up to you.

Dog Snuggles With Best Dog Friend Having a Bad Dream

Allie Jones · 12/09/14 12:48PM

You ever have a bad dream where you're running down a long hallway away from the bad guys, but the hallway just keeps getting longer and longer and you know you're never gonna make it?

Democrats Don't Want Anything to Do With Obama Now

Jason Parham · 10/08/14 01:04PM

Symbols fade with time. In 2008, when Barack Obama campaigned for the presidency, attempting to become the first black man to hold the the nation's highest office, his run was "historic" and "generations in the making." It was, by most accounts, a big win for the Democratic party, which had lost ground and political leverage during the Bush years. And though Obama endured a rocky first term, his run for re-election in 2012 was again seen as a sign of hope that America would continue to move forward.

Penn State Junior Dresses Up, Whispers With Squirrel Named "Sneezy"

Allie Jones · 09/02/14 12:45PM

Penn State junior Mary Krupa is, according to her peers and WJAC-TV, the "Squirrel Whisperer." Over the course of her college career, she's developed a deep and lasting relationship with Sneezy the Squirrel, who seems to not mind the fact that Krupa likes to dress her up and take pictures of her. Sneezy is chill. Sneezy also has 20,000 fans on Facebook.

Four in Ten White People Only Have White Friends

Hamilton Nolan · 08/08/13 12:48PM

There is good news and bad news here in post-racial America, the land in which nobody sees color, until it's time to shoot. The good news is that young people— who are The Future— are really embracing integration. The bad news? As usual, old white people.