Penthouse Magazine Closing? CEO Says No, COO Says Yes

Owen Thomas · 03/02/09 06:52PM

Internet porn has devastated old-fashioned smut rags. We now hear a top executive at FriendFinder Networks, the publisher of Penthouse, wants to close the money-losing magazine down. But his boss denies it.

FriendFinder's Latest Scandal Sexier Than a Penthouse Letter

Owen Thomas · 02/26/09 01:00PM

A porn star draping boobs over an employee's head. Lapdances on the company dime. $50 million in back taxes. These are just some of the charges Penthouse publisher FriendFinder Networks is facing from an ex-employee.

Penthouse Porn IPO to Pay for Adult FriendFinder Founder's Car

Owen Thomas · 12/26/08 01:00PM

Andrew Conru, a geeky mechanical engineer turned porn baron who founded one of the Web's raciest personals site, made out well when Penthouse bought Adult FriendFinder. He even unloaded a $125,000 car on the operation.