Internet Superstar Rebecca Black Talks "Friday" and Cyber Bullying on GMA

Madeleine Davies · 03/18/11 11:00AM

"Friday" singer Rebecca Black finally broke her legendary silence during an interview with Andrea Channing on today's GMA. Uh, Ms. Channing? Do you really think repeating mean Internet comments to a 13-year-old's face is a productive argument against cyber bullying?

What's 4chan Going to Do to Rebecca Black?

Adrian Chen · 03/18/11 01:00AM

Rebecca Black, star of the hugely popular and terrible "Friday" viral video, complained to The Daily Beast today about the mean things people are saying about her on the Internet: "Those hurtful comments really shocked me," she said. "At times, it feels like I'm being cyberbullied." And this was before 4chan launched "Operation Black Friday."

The Worst SNL Lineup of the Season?

Richard Lawson · 02/02/11 04:06PM

We think it is! Just two unlikable people doing the hosting and music playing. Also today: Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be headed to Gotham, find out who's hot this pilot season, and the last days of Friday Night Lights.

Let Us Each Other Tell Happy Tales

Kaila Hale-Stern · 10/01/10 06:20PM

This has been a sad slog of a week for humanity, with suicides, overdoses, abuses, and intolerance of everything brought to the fore. Can we take a deep breath as we approach the weekend and think happier thoughts?

Live Nude European Leaders!

Pareene · 06/05/09 02:59PM

Man, Europe. We elected this classy guy after you made fun of us for years about that "cowboy" (btw: here in America, only morons thought he was a "cowboy"), and now your leaders are all running around with naked ladies.

Stupid Cokehead Toys

Hamilton Nolan · 05/01/09 02:09PM

Have you always wished you had an iPhone app that made it look like you were sniffing coke off your phone? Now you have one. Happy Friday, you broke bastard. [The iSnort]

40-Pound Beaver Is Rescued From East River

Pareene · 04/18/08 03:23PM

We can't actually improve on that headline. Kudos, City Room. But yes, a giant beaver was pulled to safety this afternoon by NYPD scuba units, who "were patrolling the United Nations in connection with the visit of Pope Benedict XVI and said the beaver appeared to be struggling to swim." Also: "It was not known if the beaver was male or female. ('It has pretty big claws,' Lieutenant Harkins said.)" [NYT]

Parlour Game

Pareene · 02/15/08 01:22PM
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