"President" Obama Thinks His Cushy Life Is Like Prison--Really, Sir? 

Hamilton Nolan · 06/19/15 09:52AM

Popularly “elected” U.S. “president” Baracs Obama has been living on the taxpayer dime for seven long years now—nice work, if you’re shameless enough to get it (by hook or by crook). Today: evidence that even the “Commander in Thief” is a delusional old fool.

CBS Newscaster Accidentally Refers to Prince William As 'Douche of Cambridge' On-Air

Kate Bennert · 11/28/12 03:15PM

While teasing an upcoming segment about the Douche and Duchess—sorry, Duke and Duchess—of Cambridge, a CBS newscaster showed us a glimpse of his foul-mouthed and likely more honest subconscious. Sure, he meant to say "Duke," but his casual chuckle betrays him. "Heh heh," he says to himself and everyone watching CBS 2 at 1 o'clock on a Wednesday.

Weatherman Has Phallic Slip-Up On Air

Marie Bardi · 02/02/11 01:30PM

This Canadian weather channel anchor suggests that you grab something hot and inappropriate to keep you warm in this cold, nasty weather.

McCain Supporter Bemoans 'Unfortunate' Lack of Racism

ian spiegelman · 10/11/08 10:24AM

Can anyone on McCain's side speak for more than a minute without royally screwing up? There's "my fellow prisoners," everything Sarah Palin says, and the generally increasing ugliness of the whole campaign. It's infectious. Yesterday American Spectator managing editor J.P. Freire went on MSNBC to explain away the "Terrorist!" and "Kill him!" chanters, and to accuse the Obama camp of pulling "the hate card." He then went on to admit that, "If McCain and the Republicans really did believe that it would help them to be raving racists, we'd be seeing a lot more of this." Then the bigger stumble: "Unfortunately, though, no one wants to be a racist." Yes, yes, we know he meant to say "Fortunately." Clip after the jump. Starts at about 2:01.

Palin to Skip VP Spot, Go Straight to President

ian spiegelman · 09/20/08 01:04PM

What's really on the mind of ice-cold snow huntress Sarah Palin? Well, heck, she didn't serve all that time on the PTA and running the lawless roads of Wasilla just to take some podunk job as the Vice President of these United States of America. And she'll be darned if she'll just sit around and wait for Old Man McCain to kick it. At a recent stump stop, she revealed her bold plans for a "Palin and McCain administration." Clip after the jump.

Chris Matthews's Groundbaking Speech

Sheila · 08/28/08 05:09PM

The appearance of a giant pot-leaf poster and an "IMPEACH BUSH" skull behind Chris Matthews must have flustered him, given what he said next...

Doree Shafrir · 06/27/07 10:38AM

Page Six refers to Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend, model Paul Sculfor, as "Paul Colford"—who is director of media relations for the Associated Press, and who used to write for the Daily News. [Page Six]