Chicago Will Feel Like -45 Tonight. Here's How To Prepare Yourself.

Sylvie Krekow · 01/27/14 11:38PM

NBC Chicago reports that it might feel like -45 degrees tonight in the Chicago area, which is really, obscenely cold. Although a certain member of the Gawker staff thinks factors like “wind chill” are beefed-up “fraudulent numbers” designed to make you either a) stay inside forever or b) feel like a big ol’ badass for stepping outside for 5 minutes, I beg of you, Chicago-area people, do not go outside tonight.

Crazy Drunk Norwegian Takes a Dive into a Frozen Lake

Brian Moylan · 02/08/11 03:12PM

After some skating around on a frozen lake, this Norwegian strips to his skivvies and takes a dive into the frozen water. He even pounds a hole in the ice and swims underneath it—while still wearing his skates. Your nipples will freeze just watching it. By the end of the video we learn that the whole event was brought to you by a half-empty bottle of vodka. Man, they make them tough—and crazy—in Norway. [via]

Canadian Ice Fishermen Have a Serious Tolerance to Cold

Mike Byhoff · 12/15/09 09:40AM

If Canadians are known for one thing, it's their bacon. If they're known for two things, it's their willingness to brave unfathomable temperatures for the purposes of a viral video. This is that second thing.