Is 'Time Out' EIC Brian Farnham A Deadbeat, Or Is Ed Champion A Loon?

Emily Gould · 11/21/07 10:40AM

Famously crotchety book blogger Edward 'Edrants' Champion has a bone to pick with Time Out New York EIC Brian Farnham, he declares via his website. "I wrote a profile piece for them in July, but didn't get payment for it until four months later. And the only reason I was able to effect payment that quickly was through persistent emails and phone calls, going directly up the ladder to Farnham," he begins. But according to Ed, that trip up the ladder was a rocky one! "This afternoon, I got a phone call from Farnham. It was an effort to try and shake me up. I had experienced this approach before by bullies in high school, but hadn't seen much action in my adult life outside of bars and law firms. 'How dare you!' he screamed at me repeatedly over the phone. 'Who do you think you are?' These were lines out of a bad melodrama. I responded with facts ... 'You'll get your check,' he seethed, sounding like a frat boy who can't get a new pledge to hand him his beer bong." Gosh, it sure sounds like Brian overreacted to Ed's "professional" insistence on being paid. Why was Brian so mad?

Choire · 11/05/07 02:00PM

Former Postie Tom Sykes—brother of Vogue's Plum and fashion designer Lucy and whatever-she-does Alice—is still hawking his alcoholism, with a new he-said she-said with his wife in this weekend's Daily Mail. His memoir, "What Did I Do Last Night," was received as "fearless, frank and funny," he says. (Well, by Cosmo, yes! "Few attempts at insight.... sometimes sloppy tabloid prose," said the Times.) Anyway now they still love each other and have children and a rural cottage in Ireland and he was a total alcoholic! [Daily Mail]