Teen Rapper Jailed for Facebooking Boston Bombing Lyrics Released

Camille Dodero · 06/07/13 02:01PM

Cameron D’Ambrosio is the Massachusetts teenager and amateur rapper who was rather outrageously charged with terroristic threats last month after referencing the Boston Marathon Bombing in lyrics he’d posted on Facebook. On Wednesday, a Grand Jury declined to indict D’Ambrosio; yesterday, the high-school senior was finally released to his family on his own personal recognizance. This was after the 18-year-old spent more than a month locked up and less than 10 days after a Massachusetts Superior Court judge denied a bail request.

Kid Who Rapped About "Marathon Bombing" Now Faces Terrorism Charges

Camille Dodero · 05/02/13 11:29AM

That's Cameron D'Ambrosio in the photo above, flashing cash that, all told, probably totals $100. An 18-year-old pale goof from Methuen, Massachusetts, "Killa" Cam goes to the local public high school, plays videogames, and harbors rap dreams. His YouTube channel hosts two relatively recent videos of his musical exercises, one of which has "CammyDee" practicing lines about reefer, doubters ("chomping on you haters like an alligator"), and suburban ennui (he rhymes "Don't know what I'm doing" with "Living in Methuen").

Sale of Spooky Flip-Flops Leads to Protest, Arrest Warrants

Lauri Apple · 09/04/11 02:40PM

The owner of a Beirut bargain store closed up shop earlier than usual on Friday after a crowd began protesting his sale of some cheap-ass flip-flops featuring this Halloweenish design: a bat-haunted graveyard dotted with cross-shaped tombstones. The crosses made the shoes offensive to Christians, the protesters said.

How Not to React to the Gabrielle Giffords Shooting

Max Read · 01/10/11 03:17AM

The Saturday shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords and several others is the kind of tragedy it takes time to process. But it's not an excuse to be a idiot. Not that it stopped certain members of Congress.

Sarah Palin Doesn't Understand the First Amendment

Max Read · 08/19/10 01:09AM

Did you know that the First Amendment gives every American the right to a nationally-syndicated radio show? I sure didn't! But I learned that it's true on Wednesday, when former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin told me.