Trojan Using Sexy Hot Dog Carts to Distribute Free Vibrators in NYC

Neetzan Zimmerman · 08/07/12 05:04PM

Two "Pleasure Carts" emblazoned with punny slogans such as "getcha vibes here" and "relish the moment" will be employed by the makers of Trojan Vibrations to distribute some 10,000 free sex toys on the streets of New York starting tomorrow.

Your New Condo May Come with a Free Car

cityfile · 07/01/09 10:41AM

Real estate developers are having trouble finding new buyers, as you know full well, and the situation is particularly challenging for buildings that happen to be in slightly iffy neighborhoods. Here's one way to entire prospective buyers: Make an offer on a one-bedroom at The Sinclair, located on the edge of Crown Heights, and you'll get a free Prius as part of the package. Now if only they could arrange to have Bob Barker come down to give away these free cars personally, this promotion would be perfect. [Curbed]

Celebrity Theft: A Recession Tragedy

Ryan Tate · 03/06/09 02:26AM

Sure the economic collapse is hurting jobless poors or whatever but you know what's really tragic? That celebrities no longer get offered quality swag, so they have to steal it. Take Kristian Laliberte.

Halloween Masks: The Cityfile Collection

cityfile · 10/30/08 09:48AM

Last week we offered to send you a Halloween mask free of charge. We ran through the supply pretty quickly and a number of you were left out in the cold. (Sorry about that!) For those of you who missed your chance—and provided you have access to a color printer—we've posted the masks online. So you can print them out yourselves in the event you still don't have a Halloween costume lined up. After the jump, our very special collection of seven masks, in case you feel like dressing up as Anderson Cooper, Mario Batali, Nina Garcia, Anne Hathaway, Keith Olbermann, Vikram Pandit, or Al Sharpton.

Halloween '08: Pick the Mask of Your Choice

cityfile · 10/24/08 07:57AM

We're all trying to keep costs down during these turbulent economic times. And have you see how much costumes cost? We figured we'd do you a favor and set you up with your very own Halloween outfit. And for free, too! How does it work? It's simple. You pick a mask, you tell us where to mail it, and it's all yours. And you get to choose between seven exciting variations! Instructions, larger pictures of the masks, and a bit of helpful costume advice below.

Is The Editor Of People Too Friendly With Madonna?

Hamilton Nolan · 07/02/08 12:07PM

People magazine has always been sickeningly nice in its celebrity coverage-it interprets kid-glove coverage as "respectability" in the generally not-nice celebrity news world. They've even crowned Anne Hathaway a "princess" for finally breaking up with her con man boyfriend, for chrissake. Part of the problem is editor Peter Castro, last seen here partying it up in the Bahamas on the corporate dime while the rest of the company crumbled. Shady anonymous whisperers tell us he likes to suckle at the teat of Madonna, figuratively!

Google's freebie problem: "They don't know where to draw the line."

wagger1 · 06/11/07 11:54AM

You've seen one Google office, you've seen them all. But Brier Dudley of the Seattle Times had a column to write, so he ate some free food and turned in yet another dutiful profile of the lavish cafeterias in Google's Kirkland office. The outpost of Google is mostly notable for being a stone's throw from Microsoft and's headquarters, whence it's poached countless engineers with free food and other soft benefits.