Historic Hasid-Hipster Powwow Proves the Value of a Common Enemy

Maureen O'Connor · 01/26/10 05:48AM

Williamsburg's hipsters broke bread with local Hasidim Monday at a community meeting where they discussed their disputed bike lane. "The debate didn't really get anyone anywhere," reports a local hipster. Uh oh, is that the sound of youthful idealism crashing?

Hipster-free places in Williamsburg

Gawker · 04/10/03 11:19AM

Free Williamsburg has done the impossible. They've searched high and low, under rocks, and beneath enormous piles of ironic t-shirts, and found ten places in Williamsburg that are almost completely free of hipsters. Ha! Right. We'll believe it when we see it. But here they are anyway: Caffe Capri, R Bar, Rainbow, the bar at Bamonte's, The Community Board Meeting at The Swinging Sixties Senior Center, Raymund's, La Graziella Beauty Salon, the Metropolitan Pool, Daniella's Coffee Shop, and the Pourhouse.
Ten (almost) hipster-free joints in Williamsburg [Free Williamsburg]

Hipster Handbook

Gawker · 04/06/03 12:08PM

The NYT has discovered The Hipster Handbook and the post-PostMo Williamsburg population that no longer acknowledges its existence. (I think the original appeared in Free Williamsburg three years ago.) Says one resident: "Nobody uses the word ['hipster']. Asking somebody if they're a hipster is kind of like asking somebody if they're bourgeois, and of course they're like, 'No, no, I'm not bourgeois.'"
Hip young things see no need for a new guide to the hip [NYT]