Chelsea Handler Is Just Being Her Topless Self on Twitter Again

Jay Hathaway · 02/13/15 05:15PM

Instagram, the official social media platform of nipplephobes, doesn't know what it's missing. Chelsea Handler isn't even trying to post her topless photos there anymore—she's already tried thrice, and thrice did they refuse. Now she's taking them straight to Twitter, where she's appreciated, goddammit.

Instagram Banned Another Photo of Chelsea Handler's Boobs

Jay Hathaway · 12/29/14 05:10PM

Miley Cyrus was not the only celebrity trying to stick it to Instagram with her nipples this weekend. Chelsea Handler, who has long opposed the Facebook-owned photo app's double standard for male versus female toplessness, went topless again Friday as part of her ongoing #FreeTheNipple protest.