How to Buy Dinner for a Restaurant Full of Strangers

Caity Weaver · 06/12/13 04:34PM

The 84-year-old line cutter who was recently rewarded for jumping the queue at Publix with the largest single jackpot in American lottery history ($370.8 million), may have bought dinner for a restaurant full of strangers over the weekend. She also may have continued hoarding the millions all to herself, not givin' anyone shit. An employee of the Buddy Freddy's restaurant in Plant City, FL told the Tampa Bay Times that a woman who "sure looked like" Gloria MacKenzie paid for dinner for 180 people on Sunday. That woman told the employee that she sure wasn't Gloria MacKenzie; just some other mysterious 84-year-old millionaire from central Florida buying everyone dinner for no reason.

Event Honoring Gourmet Needs Gourmet People to Honor

Hamilton Nolan · 10/16/09 11:21AM

This Sunday, some of the world's most famous chefs are getting together in Manhattan and "honoring the editors,writers and staff of the legendary culinary publication Gourmet Magazine." The only thing missing: Gourmet staffers. know any?

Remainders: Google Londoners go hungry

ndouglas · 02/06/06 10:23PM

In the valley, even Gawker comments have a price. [eBay]
Wifi startup FoN, on a day full of positive news, decides to waste its whuffie by lying about a deal. [Om Malik on GigaOm]
John Battelle says Lycos laid off most of its search team; haven't found any corroboration yet, but that won't keep bloggers from spreading the rumor, right? [Searchblog]
Google's London HQ isn't as snackpacked as Mountain View. [sandeeko on Flickr]
Google punishes BMW's German site; image search for "BMW" now shows happy people at Tiananmen Square. [Bloomberg on AZ Central]

Google snack rooms

ndouglas · 02/03/06 02:36PM

How do you feed an army of Googlers? One Fruit Loop at a time. A tipster shows the bounty of snacks that keep developers munching all day. Kinda reminiscent of youth group rec rooms.