Bar, Site of Alleged Rape, Hosts 'Underwear Amnesty' Party

Lauri Apple · 09/03/11 06:46PM

A Dublin bar has begun hosting Friday-night "Underwear Amnesty" parties at which patrons can trade in their underpants for "free" alcoholic beverages. Great idea, right? Not according to the many people who say it's "insensitive," given that a rape allegedly occurred at the bar only a few months ago.

Art And Magazines Don't Mix At 'Radar' Art Party

Emily Gould · 09/27/07 01:00PM

"Someone in our art department knows someone at Campari," shrugged a Radar staffer when asked why Radar was co-hosting a party at the Campari gallery in Soho. "Hey, where's Balk?" I rolled my eyes at him. "So are you really upset about him leaving?" the Radar staffer persisted. "Yes, he's like a dadbrother to me," I told him honestly. "But I'm sure he'll have a great time working for you guys. He loves this kind of thing." The Radar staffer was just perspicacious enough to realize that I was being sarcastic. He shook his highball glass, which contained Campari. "Hey, free drinks." Laurel Ptak took photos so you can see just how wrong this scene is.