Report: Cop in Freddie Gray Case Demanded Arrest of Ex's Husband

Brendan O'Connor · 05/09/15 09:05AM

According to a police report obtained by the Guardian, Brian Rice, the most senior Baltimore police officer charged over the death of Freddie Gray, used his position as a lieutenant in the Baltimore Police Department to demand that police in a nearby city arrest his ex-girlfriend’s husband. Earlier reports indicate that Rice had previously threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend and her husband and to commit suicide.

"Thank God That My Son Is a Thug"

Andy Cush · 05/01/15 11:30AM

Donyell Shank lives in the Park Heights neighborhood of Baltimore. Her daughter was a friend of Freddie Gray. In an interview at her house this week, she talked about rioting and what it means to be a “thug” in a neighborhood where the police are mistrusted:

Freddie Gray Was Not a Riot

Andy Cush · 05/01/15 10:55AM

According to those who knew him well, Freddie Gray was a funny, happy, outspoken, and well-liked guy whose life was cut short in the custody of the Baltimore Police last week.

Internet Racists Are Pretending to Be Black Looters in Baltimore

Sam Biddle · 04/30/15 11:40AM

For every human tragedy offline, there will inevitably be a group of dedicated fuckers trying to make it worse using the internet. Today’s example is the #BaltimoreLootCrew, spreading white supremacist bile and misinformation about the Freddie Gray protests.