A Day at The Tiki, The LA Porno House of Fred Willard's Alleged Lewd Conduct

Cord Jefferson · 07/27/12 11:05AM

I've ridden past the Tiki "Xymposium" hundreds of times on the 704 bus, which connects L.A.'s concrete-laden eastside to its breezy western coast via Santa Monica Boulevard. Every time I'd by chance glance over and see the theater, its fading, sunburned red sign getting shabbier all the time, I'd think that it looked like a good spot to drink oneself to death or to look for someone who owes you money.

Fred Willard Counts Oprah's Shoes

Whitney Jefferson · 03/20/11 10:00AM

Jimmy Kimmel brings us this new offering for Oprah Winfrey's OWN network—a show in which Fred Willard sits around and counts all of Oprah's shoes.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 09/18/09 06:36AM

James Gandolfini turns 48 today. Lance Armstrong is turning 38. Jada Pinkett Smith is 38 today, too. Designer Karim Rashid is 49. Comic actor Fred Willard is turning 70. Actor James Marsden is 36. The Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo is turning 33. The rapper Xzibit is turning 35. Senator Bob Bennett of Utah is 75. Actress and former Talk Soup host Aisha Tyler is 39. Singer Frankie Avalon is turning 69. Actress Holly Robinson Peete is 45 today. And Robert Blake, the former Baretta star who was acquitted of murder in 2005, turns 76 today. You'll find weekend birthdays listed below.