Happy Birthday

cityfile · 07/23/09 06:37AM

Two Seymours are celebrating today: Stephanie Seymour is turning 41; Philip Seymour Hoffman is turning 42. Woody Harrelson is 48. Daniel Radcliffe is 20. Don Imus turns 69. Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child is turning 29. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy turns 73. Local news anchor Kaity Tong is 60. Actress Stephanie March is turning 35. The New Yorker's Hendrik Hertzberg is 66. Estate jeweler Fred Leighton turns 77. LA Times columnist Joel Stein is turning 38. Slash from Guns N' Roses is 44. Marlon Wayans is 37. Interior designer David Kleinberg is 55. Country music star Alison Krauss turns 38. And Ms. Monica Lewinsky celebrates her 36th birthday today.

Kate's Brief Visit, Casualties of the Downturn

cityfile · 11/24/08 03:30PM

♦ The Condé Nast memo concerning budget cuts seems to have failed to make its way to W. Last week Kate Moss arrived in NYC to do a shoot, only to discover it had been canceled and no one had bothered to tell her before she left. So, after stopping to smoke a cigarette outside JFK, she hopped back on another first class flight home, at the cost of $12,000 to the magazine. [Mirror]
♦ The latest casualties of the recession: Holly Dunlap, whose shoe line is no more, Fred Leighton jewelry, which might be going into liquidation, and even, maybe, expensive fashion shows. [NYP, WWD, WWD]
♦ Fashionistas in Moscow are coping with the plunge in the market the way any good Russian would: They're drinking lots of vodka. [stylefile]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 07/23/08 08:06AM

The still-stunning Stephanie Seymour turns 40 today. Also celebrating: Aged radio personality Don Imus is 68, Philip Seymour Hoffman is 41, and local news institution Kaity Tong is 59. Estate jeweler Fred Leighton (who is actually named Murray Mondschein) is 76. Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe is turning 19. Omar Epps is 35. The New Yorker's Hendrik "Rick" Hertzberg is turning 65. And former Law & Order actress Stephanie March will celebrate her 34th birthday tonight, an event that we imagine will be commemorated with an extravagant meal alongside husband, Bobby Flay.

Fred Leighton

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:39PM

One of the world's most famous jewelers, Madison Avenue mainstay Fred Leighton is now a consultant to his namesake company, which he sold in 2006.