Conde Nast on iPad Apps: Eh, What's the Rush?

Hamilton Nolan · 04/22/11 03:04PM

In your breezy Friday media column: Conde Nast forsakes its hasty iPad pursuits, Fred Dicker's still alive, journalists meet Tumblr, TV networks approach pseudoevent overload week, and the AP and its union strike a deal.

Paterson v. Bloomberg, Day 2

cityfile · 06/17/08 10:14AM

The day after the Post's Fred Dicker reported that David Paterson called Michael Bloomberg a liar (among several other not-so-nice things), all parties involved are feeling a wee bit defensive today. Bloomberg dismissed suggestion that relations had frayed ("He and I never had an acrimonious relationship"), although Paterson only half-denied it, allowing that Dicker could have heard something to that effect, but that he didn't get the story straight. But Dicker isn't about to let the story go or let anyone cast suspicion on his scoop. Dicker defended his journalistic chops today and even suggests who might have leaked him the info. Oh, and for visually-minded readers, Dicker's article includes a state-of-the-art BS meter. Because you just can't argue with science.