Upcoming Single-Subject Issues of Vanity Fair

Mallory Ortberg · 12/08/12 01:10PM

After the quite-good Comedy Issue of Vanity Fair (guest edited by Judd Apatow) was released this week, I was a little surprised to learn that it was only the third single-subject guest-edited issue in the magazine's history. Bono's "Africa" Issue (which focused on just...all of Africa, I suppose) seemed more in keeping with the magazine's general approach of describing lavish fundraisers and celebrity chandeliers than excellent Freaks and Geeks retrospectives and Tig Notaro interviews.

The Freaks and Geeks Reunion Photo You Forgot You'd Always Wanted to See

Max Read · 12/06/12 12:36PM

Here's the entire cast of Freaks and Geeks, the best show ever made about being a teenager in the suburbs, collected for the first time in more than a decade by Vanity Fair for their "comedy issue," which executive producer Judd Apatow is stunt-editing, and photographed in a school gym. The entire cast. Even Millie!

Bored of Summer TV? Try One of These Old and Respected Shows Instead

Erica Hyman · 08/12/10 05:00PM

The summer television season's in full swing, but your television schedule might be sparse. While great shows do grace the small screen, trashy reality shows are in abundance. But don't fret, here's a list of oldies-but-goodies to get you through.

Six Great Shows That Were Prematurely Cancelled

Mike Byhoff · 01/12/10 05:51PM

Conan announced that he refuses be pushed back to the 12:05 slot, essentially ending his tenure at NBC. He cited NBC not giving his show the chance to grow. Which got us thinking, what other shows were prematurely snuffed out?

Yoda-Like Kevin Spacey Praises Quick-Learning 'Jedi Knight Harvey Weinstein'

STV · 07/21/08 01:10PM

Relief swept Defamer HQ today as we can finally close the book on the long, tortured saga of Fanboys, the terminal-cancer by-way-of-Skywalker-Ranch buddy comedy whose scissoring (and presumed dumping) at the hands of Harvey Weinstein provoked such authentic fanboy outrage last spring. But now a press release from Darth Weinstein himself announced that Fanboys will receive a second premiere this week at San Diego ComicCon — now with fans' "extensive feedback" added to the final cut.

Darth Weinstein Relents, Geeks Stay Hungry as 'Fanboys' Saved From Hacky Death

STV · 03/25/08 11:53AM

After last weekend's flash of rebellion threatening to engulf parents' basements across America with smoldering dork rage, the Weinstein Company announced late Monday that it would in fact release the Star Wars-devotee dramedy Fanboys on DVD in both a cancer-subplot-free edit and the original, disease-of-the-geek version preferred by the angry fans at But that's not enough for the fanboy offensive, who lashed out in protest yet again this morning:

EW's Most 'Dateable' Small-Screen Players Make Us Swoon And Squirm

Molly Friedman · 03/04/08 12:48PM

Every TV nut (well, isn't that all of us here?) has, at one point or another, spent a little time fantasizing about certain fictional characters on their favorite shows. These fantasies tend to be either soft-focus daydreams (say, dreaming up elaborate schemes in which they "bump" into you at a party) or something a bit more hard-core (picturing them while giving your significant other the old in-out). On that note, the clever list-makers over at EW decided to compile a Top 30 reader's choice collection of the small-screen boys and girls who most frequently make cameos in those illicit fantasies. But, with no offense to the site's readers, we have some serious vetoes to charge. After the jump, our picks for who falls under Strongly Agree (the predictable Jim Halpert) and those we brand as a Vehemently Disagree (four words: Bree. Van. De. Camp), as well as the most erroneous, mind-boggling oversight missing from the group:

How To Make It As A Model In New York

Joshua Stein · 12/03/07 11:10AM

Do you ever wonder if that homeless guy in that MTA ad that says, "Give to the homeless. Just not here," is really homeless or is he some disheveled sad-looking old man playing the part? Turns out, the answer could be both. Welcome to the world of real-person modeling, where sad-looking old men are the next Giseles. In this week's (strangely alluring!) Times Style section, Bernice Yeung took a look at Ugly NY, a real-people modeling agency. Guess who's a model? Frightening concoction Amanda Lepore! A night technical director at Fox TV! A woman named Messy Stench and some really really ugly dudes. And guess where Ugly NY founder scouts for new talent? On the uptown-bound No. 1 train—the ugliest line in all of the transit system!