Is This the Biggest Video Game Freakout Ever?

Matt Cherette · 02/12/11 09:33PM

Here's a video of a guy playing StepMania, which is like Dance Dance Revolution for computers. Standard, right? Nope! Shortly after he starts, our future Anger Management student begins freaking out over his mistakes—that's when things get good.

It's Time for a Nicolas Cage Supercut

Christopher Han · 11/22/10 06:00PM

Nicolas Cage loses his shit. A lot. He takes it to a level most Hollywood actors wouldn't dare. Here is a montage of him losing his shit over and over again, set to the Requiem For a Dream soundtrack.

Middle-Aged Guy Loses it After Skater Wrecks His Bush

Christopher Han · 11/11/10 10:54AM

Like a drill sergeant wearing down a soldier (or a poor schlep on Maury Povich), this man completely dresses down a 20-year-old kid who has been skating on his store front and destroying his bushes. Get off my lawn!

Kid Admits Fake World of Warcraft Freakout Video Was Fake

Henry Baker · 07/15/10 04:20PM

This fake World of Warcraft freakout video has duped 29 million people into thinking a teenager would try to shove a remote up his ass after his Mom cancelled his WoW account. After some interrogation, he admits it's a fraud.

Jordan Golson · 02/10/08 05:37PM

Nerd hero and Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton lost it on his Twitter feed today: