Burger Seeker Flips Out About McDonald's Breakfast Menu

Lauri Apple · 11/15/11 06:37AM

When nighttime snacker Shanaya Edgell visited a Wisconsin McDonald's at 3 AM in search of a cheeseburger, they told her she couldn't have her cheeseburger because it was breakfast menu time, come back later for cheeseburgers, sorry!!! For Edgell, this was totally unacceptable.

Watch Serena Williams Go Off on 'Hater' Umpire During US Open Final

Matt Cherette · 09/11/11 07:53PM

Remember when Serena Williams went all Joe Pesci on a line referee at the US Open two years ago? Well, during today's women's final match (which she lost in straight sets to Samantha Stosur), she did it again. Here's a video of Williams' full outburst.

Teen Goes Crazy When Parents Turn Off Internet

Blair Baxter · 03/25/11 09:30AM

Steven is grounded and for his punishment his parents shut off the Internet for two weeks. When Steven finds out he can't play his online games, he freaks out and runs over the families fancy leather computer chair with a hummer.

Is This the Biggest Video Game Freakout Ever?

Matt Cherette · 02/12/11 09:33PM

Here's a video of a guy playing StepMania, which is like Dance Dance Revolution for computers. Standard, right? Nope! Shortly after he starts, our future Anger Management student begins freaking out over his mistakes—that's when things get good.

Watch a KFC Employee Completely Lose It

Matt Cherette · 01/04/11 03:31PM

The lesson of this video—taken by a customer at KFC—is that one of the fast food chain's employees really, really, REALLY does not want to be recorded. And when he is recorded, he completely loses it. Watch inside.

Watch the Most Excited Price is Right Contestant Ever

Kate Erskine · 12/22/10 01:20PM

Game show contestants are generally kinda nuts, but this girl really takes crazy to a new level. Although we usually find this kind of behavior to be annoying, she is actually rather endearing. A collection of her freak outs inside.

College Student Goes Crazy When She Can't Get Her Pizza

Brian Moylan · 12/10/10 11:55AM

The food court at Louisiana State University sure is a tense place. This girl goes ballistic when she can't get her Papa John's fast enough. She need to go back to her dorm and smoke a J or something. [via]

Girl Goes Crazy After Winning on Wheel of Fortune

Matt Cherette · 11/11/10 08:14PM

Man, has Wheel of Fortune delivered lately. Obviously, the Greatest Solve Ever™ episode takes the cake (watch here), but tonight's show—which featured a girl going completely crazy after solving her Bonus Round puzzle—is a close second. Watch inside.

Why You Shouldn't Drop Acid and Go to the Movies

Max Read · 09/13/10 01:24AM

Ever thought it'd be cool to take some hallucinogenic drugs and check out a movie—say, sci-fi masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey? This guy thought it'd be cool. And his trip—and resultant freakout—was recorded by five different audience members.