Freshman Girl Impaled By Golf Club at ASU Fraternity Party

Allie Jones · 08/25/14 09:37AM

Natalie Eaton, 18, was impaled by a golf club in a freak accident at one of Arkansas State University's first parties of this year. According to police, two guys were tossing a football back and forth at a Kappa Alpha rush cookout when one decided to "bat" the football with the club. The club broke and "impaled Eaton in the left side of her neck."

Crane Drops Swimming Pool, Causes Intense Swearing Situation

Maureen O'Connor · 06/13/11 05:11PM

Preparing to wire swimming pool in suburban Minnesota, an electrician passed the time playing with his cellphone. He was videotaping a construction crane placing the pool into the homeowner's backyard when the crane tipped over, crushing the house and causing the most impassioned swearing spree I have ever heard on YouTube. (Fast forward to 1:50 for abridged version.)

Baby Killed by Falling Tree Branch at Central Park Zoo

Adrian Chen · 06/27/10 11:42AM

A tree branch fell on 33 year-old Karla Riccuitti of Union City, NJ and her baby girl yesterday as they posed for a picture outside Central Park Zoo. 6 month-old Gianna Riccuitti was killed, and her mother was seriously injured as the father looked on.

Little Boy's Life Saved by Crocs

Maureen O'Connor · 06/04/10 11:13AM

You know those legends about pocket Bibles stopping bullets and saving soldiers' lives? We should all abandon Jesus and worship at an altar of rubberized gardening clogs, because Crocs just saved a three-year-old boy from death by electrocution.