Trigger Happy 'Taser Expert' Charged with Tasering Dad, Fellow Cops

Jeff Neumann · 08/03/11 04:20AM

West Reading, Pennsylvania police Sgt. Matthew Beighley has a thing for Tasers. Not long after becoming a certified Taser expert, Beighley zapped two fellow officers in March. He also Tasered his dad, and recorded it on his Blackberry. Here's how police investigators say the incident happened, from the Reading Eagle:

Spain's Annual Running of the Frat Boys Ends

Jeff Neumann · 07/14/11 04:23AM

This year's running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain was pretty mild as far as injuries go: Only 41 people were hospitalized during eight bull runs this week. Good job, bros! [AFP]

San Diego Mulls Totally Awesome Rubber Booze Raft Crackdown

Jeff Neumann · 07/26/10 05:57AM

City officials in San Diego, tired of drunk frat boys littering their pristine coast, in 2007 banned drinking on the beach. But there's a loophole: "If you're floating, you're good," according to police. So thousands get wasted on rafts, brah.

Our Embassy in Afghanistan Is Guarded by Sexually Confused Frat Boys

John Cook · 09/01/09 03:18PM

Wonder what it's like to guard State Department facilities in Kabul? In photos first published by Gawker, security contractors get their kicks peeing on one another, simulating anal sex, doing "butt shots," and "eating potato chips out of ass cracks."

"The kind of asshole that all of his asshole friends love"

Hamilton Nolan · 08/04/08 12:30PM

You may be surprised to discover that people are still remarking upon the existence of Tucker Max, the prototypical ex-frat boy who likes to drink beer and bang hot girls and then write a crazy blog about the aforementioned banging that will make you lose your shit, bro. I would have guessed that Tucker would have settled down into a quiet job selling insurance by now after either being disabled in a bar fight or having his genitals bitten off by an undercover feminist. Instead, somebody foolish is paying him actual money to make a movie called I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, scheduled for release next year. More importantly, a blogger who read the film's script is calling it one of the most unfunny productions in years, and has nailed Tucker Max to the wall so deftly we just know he's home right now trying out comeback lines in the mirror while flexing his biceps and getting progressively drunker: The personality summary:

'Times' Shocked By Fratty I-Banker's Take On Skirts!

Maggie · 10/08/07 03:40PM

Despite having written about it a couple of weeks ago, we continue to receive emails about that self-described "articulate and classy" young woman who put her neck out there on Craigslist, flung caution and etiquette to the wind and flat-out asked if anyone could help her nab a guy with a salary of at least a half-million a year. Okay, so Jane Austen might have been just slightly more subtle, but this (alleged!) lady's tactics have captured the interest of many, including the New York Times, which today ran a piece about the idiot i-banker whose pissy response to our little gold digger included his JPMorgan Chase signature.