Actor You Long Believed To Be Gay Is Confirmed As Gay

mark · 05/30/07 03:24PM

In a shocking revelation that is sure to awaken feelings you haven't experienced since you learned that guy who played Doogie Howser is sexually attracted to men, the AfterElton blog exclusively confirms that Frasier's gay-seeming brother is, in fact, gay. The tip off (besides an 11-year run convincingly portraying a character who found it nearly impossible to consummate a heterosexual relationship with the help) was a passing reference to Hyde Pierce "partner" Brian Hargrove in a recent AP story about the actor's successful career on Broadway, prompting AfterElton to contact his rep for clarification that the individual mentioned was a life-partner partner, and not some other variety of strictly platonic creative collaborator, like the guy who runs Hugh Jackman's production company. Now that this matter is out in the open, we trust that the media will respect Hyde Pierce's privacy, recognizing that like trailblazing Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight, being gay isn't the most interesting thing about him, and not begin hassling him about posing with his favorite pet on the cover of the The Advocate.