Taylor Berman · 06/30/14 03:28PM

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/05/08 07:39AM

It's Amanda Lepore's birthday today! At least we think it's her birthday and we think she's 41, but she's been known to fool people before. Others celebrating today: Margaret Cho is 40. The New Yorker's Calvin Trillin is 73. Novelist Joan Didion is turning 74. Little Richard is 76. Knicks center Eddy Curry is 26. Child star Frankie Muniz turns 23. Actor Nick Stahl is turning 29. And model Shalom Harlow is 35. Weekend birthdays after the jump.

Frankie Muniz Will Straight Up Murder Your Ass

Douglas Reinhardt · 05/08/08 04:10PM

After a brief stint as a Pink Dot delivery guy, recovering child star Frankie Muniz has returned to the world of acting. While leaving the supermarket where he works, Muniz explained that he's been bulking up and working out for a bold, new high concept film. He is said to be pitching a self-penned script that has him playing a guy who's a hitman by day and and a Pink Dot delivery guy by night. Muniz hopes that playing against type will bring him back much the same way it brought John Travolta back with Pulp Fiction.

From Child Star To Pink Dot Guy

Douglas Reinhardt · 04/16/08 03:15PM

Former Malcolm In The Middle star Frankie Muniz was spotted on the first day of his new job as a Pink Dot delivery guy. Muniz explained that the residual checks for Malcolm are becoming smaller and smaller and the parts aren't as interesting as they used to be, so he picked up a gig as a delivery guy. Muniz went on to explain that in his downtime, he's working on a spec script that was described as No Country For Old Men meets Juno.

The First Meeting Of The Perpetually Awkward Child Actor Club

Douglas Reinhardt · 03/24/08 04:15PM

One time "cute" child actor but now just "creepy" actor Frankie Muniz struck up an instant friendship with fellow cute kid/awkward adult Alfonso Ribeiro while out in Las Vegas. The pair shouted numerous times over the music that they had so much in common being former child stars and all, yet their conversation never gained much momentum beyond that. At one point Alfonso quickly muttered something about knowing what it must feel like when doves cry which got a blank stare from Frankie. Alfonso shook his head and quickly said that he asked if Frankie had used a fake ID to get into the club.

mark · 12/10/07 02:00PM

TMZ's all-seeing cameras, dutifully stationed in the areas around Hollywood's hottest nightclubs, capture new, utterly shocking footage reportedly showing (things get a little grainy and confusing in the melee, but we'll take their word about what's actually going on) a former Malcolm in the Middle star taking a couple of punches behind LAX. Disappointingly, Frankie Muniz was not involved in the brawl. [TMZ]

Short Ends: Malcom In The Middle Of A Playmate Sandwich

mark · 07/12/06 09:03PM

· Reason #11,343 To Love Hollywood Unconditionally: Even if you are possibly afflicted with a disease that will make you look a 14-year-old forever, Playmates will still fuck you if you're been in a hit movie or on a long-running TV series.
· Snakes on a Plane in the news double-feature: Mice on a Plane and, um, Snake on a Plane.
· We know that there's been much fretting about the possible devaluation of Miracle Baby photos, but the people at have lost their minds if they think someone couldn't sell a video of Suri for more than a measly $100K.
· Ex-Rocketboomer Amanda Congdon opens up to about her insecurity that people just loved her for her rack: "I feel like a lot of the reports over the past few days have been very sexist — just referring to my popularity as Amanda and her [male] fans. But it's not always just the guys who write to me. I'm not perfect, but I have a lot more to offer than my looks."