Taylor Berman · 10/31/12 09:25PM

After Gov Cuomo declared a transportation emergency, the MTA is waiving all fares this Thursday & Friday. []

How the Gays, Obama, and HAARP Caused Hurricane Sandy: the Web's Best Frankenstorm Conspiracy Theories

Max Read · 10/29/12 03:42PM

As Hurricane Sandy, now combined with a Nor'easter, bears down on the mid-Atlantic, people everywhere are looking for answers: will I be safe? What should I do? Where should I go? And most importantly, what shadowy organization, group, or cosmic force is manipulating the weather to cause this terrible storm? Luckily, the internet has answers to all those questions — especially the last one. (Current suspects: President Obama, the gays, and perennial weather-conspiracy favorite the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.) Let's take a look at the best conspiracy theories on the web.

Second Generation Fox Reporter Peter Doocy Suffers Sad Sandy-Related Wipeout

Kate Bennert · 10/29/12 12:01PM

Peter Doocy, a "Fox News General Assignment reporter" and son of the notable Fox and Friends personality Steve Doocy, brings us the first reporter wipeout related to Hurricane Sandy. Was this wipeout attributable to 45 mph winds or severe flooding? No, unfortunately. Poor Peter Doocy stepped off the dock and got his foot stuck in wet sand. We're all expecting a little better effort next time.

National Weather Service in New Jersey Issues Intense, Guilt-Inducing ALL CAPS Warning About Hurricane Sandy

Taylor Berman · 10/28/12 07:45PM

Were you thinking about not taking Hurricane Sandy seriously? Do you not find Bloomberg's warnings adequately stimulating? Are you treating Frankenstorm as an excuse to just get drunk and play hooky from work? Well, if so, the National Weather Service in Mt. Holly, New Jersey wants you to know that THE STORM IS NO JOKE AND WILL KILL YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES AND THINK OF THE CHILDREN etc. From their press release this afternoon: