Shia LaBeouf Has A Small Weiner. Has, Not Is.

Foster Kamer · 05/17/09 11:30AM

Shia LaBeouf codifies a Jewish stereotype, Broadway still hates Jeremy Piven, Larry King lives on despite being 132 and not having Carrie Prejean on his show, and Alicia Keys is dating some rapper guy.

Sinatra's Humiliating Godfather Tell-Off, Retold In $700 Book

Ryan Tate · 12/08/08 03:30AM

Photographer Steve Schapiro needs a hook to sell his $700 special edition book about the Godfather movie. The behind-the-scenes pictures (including James Caan wired up with explosive squibs, left), 1,000-copy print run and author signatures might not be enough, and lord knows the economy isn't going to help matters. So he struck a deal to excerpt Mario Puzo's 1972 book on the making of the film. This excerpt was, in turn, excerpted in the Daily Mail this weekend, and the part where the late crooner Frank Sinatra screams at Puzo in a restaurant is the talk of the blogs, 35 years after it surfaced in Time. It's a worthy tale.

George Clooney, Megaphone Crooner

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/08/08 01:20PM

Never one to miss an opportunity to sing in public, superstar George Clooney picked up the nearest megaphone and began to croon the afternoon away. Clooney started off with a selection of songs made popular by his aunt, Rosemary Clooney, before transitioning into a jubilant medley of Rudy Valle and Frank Sinatra tunes. One female onlooker was quoted as saying that his appeal was due to the fact that "he's got the voice of the Velvet Fog, the charm of Dean Martin and the sex appeal of all three Jonas Brothers."

Frank Sinatra Had A Cold, Not A Blog

Hamilton Nolan · 02/18/08 12:43PM

Sometimes we pine for the days before celebrities became bloggers. There was a time when, if you wanted to hear something that originated in a celebrity's brain, that something had been painstakingly culled by a professional pseudo-journalist from the reams and reams of useless, insipid crap that make up the bulk of what celebrities say, do, and think. That way, celebrities could be accurately portrayed as shapely, pretty, empty shells upon which we all could project our hopes and dreams. But that was before they fucked it all up by putting their ideas onto their own blogs without any adult supervision whatsoever.