Everyone's Quitting The New Republic

Max Read · 12/05/14 11:12AM

Nine senior editors, two executive editors, one legal affairs editor, and one digital media editor resigned from The New Republic today, alongside 13 contributing editors.

Drudge Shatters 'New Republic' On Dickhead 'Baghdad Diarist" With Internal Memos, Then Yanks Docs

Maggie · 10/24/07 03:50PM

The Drudge Report has gone guns-out on The New Republic on how the magazine handled the controversy over a series of articles it ran by the anonymous "Baghdad Diarist." Documents posted on Drudge this afternoon (and then whisked off again just like that!), Drudge claimed, indicated that TNR "failed to publicly account for publishing slanderous falsehoods about the U.S. military in a time of war." The docs may or may not be damning evidence. But presuming they're not fakes—and the transcript is incredibly detailed, for certain—here's what they say.