The Fashion World Is on the Cusp of Forgiving John Galliano

Brian Moylan · 11/14/11 07:17PM

John Galliano, the Dior designer who was found guilty of hate speech for his anti-Semitic rant in a Paris bar and fired from both Dior and his John Galliano label, is about to be welcomed back to the fashion fold. How can we tell? The sympathetic quotes are piling up.

Anna Wintour Rival's Racial Stumble

Ryan Tate · 01/20/09 05:51AM

Last year it looked like the baby Vogue editors outshined the top dog. Now it seems those stars are dimming, most recently with an absurd quote from atop Vogue Italia.

Miami Art Basel Goes Out with a Whimper

cityfile · 12/08/08 09:47AM

Like a depressing microcosm of the problems afflicting the world at large, Miami Art Basel was a shadow of its former wild and ostentatious self and has drawn to a close, leaving debt, hangovers, and photos of Pamela Anderson's ass in its wake. Despite elaborate prevarication from certain onlookers, the combination of thinner crowds, a subdued mood, and desperate discounts left no one in any doubt that the art bubble has truly burst.

Tory Burch Not for Sale, Bloodbath at Elite Models

cityfile · 10/27/08 03:34PM

♦ Following reports in July that Tory Burch was offering a 30 percent stake in her hugely successful womenswear and accessories label, she now says that the company is not for sale. Also, she says the economy has had an impact on her designs: "I don't think women want to be over-the-top anymore. They want something that's chic and elegant, but not such a big statement." [WWD]
♦ If you've noticed slightly fewer giraffe-like teens with unplaceable accents on the streets of Manhattan, it's because in a sobering indicator of just how bad things are, Elite has slashed 60 models from its roster. [Fashionista]

Latest Anna Wintour Rival Hails From Russia

Ryan Tate · 07/25/08 01:35AM

First it was young, elegant Carine Roitfeld, making Vogue publishing look slightly effortless and more-than-a-little spunky from her perch in Paris. Then there was Franco Sozzani, reminding everyone with her all-black issue that Italian Vogue "has gained a reputation for being more about art and ideas than commerce." Now, fashion blogger Bryanboy reminds us, Aliona Doletskaya is the latest editor of a baby Vogue to arguably upstage American editor Anna Wintour, having reached her 10th anniversary at the healm of the fashion title's Russian edition. "Month after month after month, she offers original content, she uses models for her covers and her editorials are very bold, strong and in your face," Bryanboy writes. Well, sure, but there's also the fact that she can fly helicopters! Also: In 10 years, she sees herself flying across continents on an airplane. Considered that fair warning, Anna. Click the video icon for excerpts of Russia Today's half-hour profile. [Byranboy]