This Radioactive Fox Made a Good-Looking Sandwich

Dayna Evans · 04/27/15 05:10PM

Foxes are shrewd, solitary creatures. They use the earth’s magnetic field to hunt. They are the beloved stars of many children’s books and animated films. And when they live in radioactive areas, some foxes, it would seem, develop the useful skill of sandwich-making. Who knew?

Fast-Evolving Foxes Prepare To Wipe Out Humanity

Ken Layne · 10/15/13 01:00PM

The fox is a clever beast, famously outsmarting human and animal rivals in ancient fables, recent movies and a current Top 10 song. Humanity's relationship with the fox has long been balanced between bemused tolerance and "let's shoot them for fun and raise them in cages, for fur." But there are abundant signs that the foxes have had quite enough of people, and are making coordinated global moves to take over civilization.

Watch a Fox Lick a Window While a Goose Screams

Matt Cherette · 02/01/11 11:49PM

This video is just, like, the epitome of WTF. Where do I begin? First of all, what the hell is that thing screaming in the background? Is it a goose? I don't know. And that fox licking the window? Wat?

Fox Shoots Hunter

Max Read · 01/14/11 02:50AM

A hunter was shot by a fox in Belarus. Not, like, a sexy woman—an actual fox, that the hunter was trying to kill. I know, right?

Fennec Fox vs. Cat

nightintern · 06/01/10 08:30AM

Watch the adorable Fennec Fox chase his kitty friend around (and off) the bed.

Two Foxes Play on a Trampoline

Whitney Jefferson · 11/24/09 10:30AM

Two foxes bouncing around and play-fighting on top of a trampoline in the middle of a backyard- It doesn't get much cuter than that!