Fox & Friends Aggregates Gawker

J.K. Trotter · 02/11/16 02:36PM

Today’s episode of Fox News’ early morning variety hour, Fox & Friends, featured Gawker’s recent post about the ways in which Hillary Clinton’s press operation bends reporters to their will. You can watch Steve Doocy interview Judge Andrew Napolitano about the emails we published on Tuesday above.

Fox & Friends Scared the Piss out of This Poor Li'l Alligator

Jay Hathaway · 05/19/15 09:07AM

To mark Animal Planet’s “Monster Week,” a small alligator visited Fox and Friends, where an encounter with some real life monsters frightened her so badly that she pissed herself, splashing “gatorade” all over the set floor.

Fox and Friends: We Should Make Congress Take IQ Tests To Make Sure They Know Stuff About Guns

Kate Bennert · 04/09/13 10:35AM

Working off of this column in the New York Post that suggests we should make members of congress take IQ tests—tests which, according to this guy, will quiz people on their knowledge of guns— the gang over at Fox and Friends all chimed in to support the notion. "Nobody'd be in congress!" Steve Doocey says to no one before chuckling at his own joke. Gretchen Carlson, meanwhile, was already busy thinking about the next step: when are they going to mandate IQ tests for the people that make the IQ tests for congress? "Nobody'd be left in the world!" Steve Doocey notices.

Sesame Street Characters Have Been Terrorizing TV Personalities All Day

Kate Bennert · 09/20/12 08:26PM

So it seems that in order to promote their 43rd season, the PR people over at Sesame Street have been recklessly booking all of their cracked-out muppets on (for the most part) already intolerable television shows. Consequently, America's best and brightest TV personalities were forced to interact with furry, 3-foot-tall, talking, moving stuffed animals that can't even appear on camera without some sort of table or podium concealing all of their sticks and wires.

Fox & Friends Invents a New York Times War on Southern Food

Jim Newell · 12/29/11 12:50PM

So the New York Times' Dining section wrote one of those things for Southern food yesterday that it writes for every type of food, at one point or another: How there's a new wave of chefs trying to revive traditional fare with more expensive and local ingredients, etc. "They want to reclaim the agrarian roots of Southern cooking," the Times writes, "restore its lost traditions and dignity, and if all goes according to plan, completely redefine American cuisine for a global audience." Again: This is a standard Times food article template with "Southern food" plugged in.

The Great Rhode Island 'Holiday Tree' Scandal

Jim Newell · 11/30/11 05:30PM

We're still pretty early into the holiday season, but lo, enemy forces have already entrenched themselves on a central front in this year's War on Christmas: Rhode Island, state of... whatever. The governor there — like other recent governors! — has decided to call the 17-foot blue spruce in the Statehouse a "holiday tree," rather than a Christmas tree. Oh. Shit.

Gretchen Carlson Demands You Speak English Right Now

Richard Lawson · 10/26/11 02:11PM

This morning on bad idea ball pit Fox & Friends, the melting Crisco sculpture known as Gretchen Carlson got outraged over a new program that requires "translation assistance" for the non-English speaking parents of Cleveland public school students. Boy was she mad!