Taylor Swift Is Always Surprised

Matt Cherette · 11/16/10 02:04PM

Considering how many awards she's won recently, one would think that Taylor Swift would no longer act completely shocked when her name is called. This supercut, by Rich Juzwiak, begs—and proves—to differ. Watch Swift gasp and gasp, inside.

Aretha Franklin Loves PBS

Matt Cherette · 09/24/10 02:14PM

Aretha Franklin is amazing—haven't you heard? Case in point: here's a mashup of Franklin's recent appearance on PBS for a fundraiser, put together by fourfour's Rich Juzwiak. Inside, talk of cheesesteaks, Franklin's grandmother, Patti LaBelle, PBS, and more!

Liza Minnelli Is Still as Crazy as Ever

Matt Cherette · 07/01/10 01:40PM

Liza Minnelli was on HSN last night to hawk her jewelry line, which she started after being immobilized—and, ergo, bored—by a bum knee. Predictably, it was crazy, and luckily, fourfour's Rich Juzwiak made a highlight reel. Video inside.

A Star Is Born

Emily Gould · 10/16/07 04:45PM

So Rich from the blog Fourfour was forced to post a video recap of last week's episode of 'America's Next Top Model' because his computer crashed and, well! We so aren't just saying this because some of us want to have sex with Rich and others of us want to be his best friend-catsitter: the dude has mad skills and should be getting paid to be on television. Do they still pay people to be on television?

Casting The Remake Of 'Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls'

Emily Gould · 08/02/07 01:50PM

That classic film, whose recent DVD release sent shockwaves of ecstasy through the blogaysphere, and whose writer Roger Ebert described it to Time as "a camp sexploitation horror musical that ends in a quadruple murder and a triple wedding," should obvs, obvs never be remade. Because it's perfect! But just in case! Here are our casting suggestions. Isn't "socialite" Olivia Palermo a dead ringer for (spoiler alert) doomed, lezzish ingenue Casey Anderson? It's eerie! Come with the gentle people to the rest of our suggestions after the jump. In the long run, you'll be glad you did.