cityfile · 12/14/09 06:05PM

• A roundup of restaurants that just opened, or will be shortly. [TONY, Eater]
• Stephen Starr, the mega-restaurateur behind such intimate spots as Buddakan and Morimoto, may be opening a Vietnamese spot next. [GS]
• Le Caprice, the posh British import now open at the Pierre Hotel, hasn't wowed critics, but New York's Adam Platt gives it two stars this week. [NYM]
• Tavern on the Green closes in two weeks. Is a TotG hotel next? [Crain's]
• Cold weather special: A guide to the 50 tastiest soups in NYC. [NYM]
• The Christmas tree at Hotel Griffou went up in flames last week. [P6]
• A big bunch of dining recommendations for New Year's Eve. [Zagat]
• A Times article about power lunching at the Four Seasons managed to get the restaurant confused with the hotel. How unfortunate. [NYT via Eater]

cityfile · 11/03/09 06:59PM

Jean-Georges Vongerichten will close down Vong on Saturday. [Eater]
• A new restaurant/wine bar has popped up at the Four Seasons Hotel. [GS]
• A tour of Danny Meyer's Maialino, which opens in a couple of weeks. [Eater]
• Both Le Souk and The Mott have been closed their doors. [GS]
Amy Sacco hasn't obtained a permit to renovate Bungalow 8, as we reported a couple of weeks ago. Her reality TV show is looking unlikely, too. [NYP]
• As if Tavern on the Green didn't have enough of a mess on its plate, it was also the scene of epically messy Halloween party on Saturday. [NYDN, Crain's]
• Another sign of a recession: Le Cirque is offering up free fried chicken to people who come watch the Yankee game there tomorrow night. [Zagat]

Eating & Drinking: Tuesday Edition

cityfile · 03/17/09 03:23PM

• Another great restaurant humbled: It looks like Per Se is planning to introduce an à la carte menu in its salon and bar area. [Eater]
• Two armed men stormed Mario Batali's Esca. Instead of taking cash, though, they made off with envelopes stuffed with "worthless paper receipts." [NYP]
• Looks like Park Avenue Winter's PR stunt of giving free meals to girls dressed up as schoolgirls is paying off. Some 250 girls turned up last night. [Eater]
• Lawyer/enemy of NYC restaurateurs Maimon Kirshenbaum: He's back. [NYT]
• A caviar lounge really is opening at the Four Seasons Hotel. [Zagat]
• If you ask nicely (and perhaps make up a story about losing your job), you might be able to negotiate a discount at Starbucks and Cosi. [NYP]
• Some tips on where to go tonight to drink yourself silly in honor of St. Paddy's Day if you're still in need of recommendations. [Metromix, Citysearch]

Eating & Drinking: Friday Edition

cityfile · 03/13/09 03:12PM

• Why, yes, of course there's a shawarma lunch cart in Midtown named after Barack Obama. [ML]
• The good news/bad news about Minetta Tavern. [Eater]
• A roundup of restaurants slated to open next week. [TONY]
• The Four Seasons Hotel is opening a "caviar lounge" on March 23. Genius. That's totally what NYC needs. [GS]
• Padma Laskshmi supposedly flipped out when she and elderly boyf Teddy Forstmann were forced to wait for a table at Schiller's last night. [Gawker]
• Most BYOB restaurants are breaking the law, it turns out. Also? Stretch limos that serve booze are in violation, too. Please take note, Mineola. [Crains]

Fancy Hotel Lets Men Pamper Themselves While Wives Off at Sex and the City Movie

Richard Lawson · 05/12/08 04:19PM

Hey fellas! Do all those bubbly broads of yours have super "girls nights out" planned for the much cooed and shrieked about Sex and the City movie? Do you, duhhh, feel left out, like you want some real mantertainment? Well the ultra butch Four Seasons Hotel here in New York has just the right package for you! I mean, "...for you." Nothin' frilly. The "It's Not All About Sex and the City Package" offers such man-centric amenities as one round of "Anything but Cosmos" at the bar (flirtinis are totes available!), free dick flicks like Die Hard and Full Metal Jacket, and nice plush terrycloth bathrobes for you and your buddy. OK, not necessarily that last bit. But yes, I did say buddy. This package is based on double occupancy, but don't worry! There are "double-bedded accommodations," so you won't have to share a bed or even touch or anything. You can just spend all night in your separate cozy beds, watching shit get blown up, farting away your steak dinner, happy that there is absolutely nothing gay about this. And it's only $2,000 a night! Men! I mean, Men. Full package details after the jump.