Lazy Larry the Melatonin Brownie's 'Heinous' Marketing

Jeff Neumann · 05/16/11 02:45AM

Two mayors in Massachusetts are livid over brownies called Lazy Cakes, that contain 8mg of sleep aid melatonin, saying the cartoon on the package is a scheme to attract children. The mayors of Fall River and New Bedford now want them banned. One doctor called the Lazy Cakes marketing scheme "heinous," while one mayor called it "despicable." So much anger, man. But the company told the Boston Herald that Lazy Larry, the budget brownie version of Sponge Bob, isn't meant to attract kids at all:

Australian Kids Ask for School-Supplied Energy Drinks

Jeff Neumann · 04/18/11 03:48AM

When the government in the Australian state of Victoria asked for businesses to develop "a pleasant-tasting, attention-sustaining, low-priced drink that enables secondary school students to work safely and with sustained alertness all day," well, some old people got pretty upset! Education Minister Martin Dixon blamed the idea on kids, and told ABC Radio that no ministry funds had gone into the project, "but good on the kids for coming up with an innovative idea."

Man Claims Four Loko Gave Him Permanent Heart Damage

Max Read · 03/21/11 09:51PM

Michael Mustica, a 22-year-old tire salesman from New Jersey, kicked off his Atlantic City vacation in style last October by drinking two and a half cans of alcoholic energy drink Four Loko and falling asleep. Little did he know that when he woke up, things would never be the same!

NYPD vs. Drunk Dutch Embassy Guys

Jeff Neumann · 11/30/10 05:13AM

When a group of Dutch Embassy guys allegedly tried to leave Arthur's Tavern in Greenwich Village without paying a $315 tab, NYPD officers intervened and a brawl ensued, resulting in a chipped tooth, a broken finger and bruises. And arrests!

Here's a Drunk Girl Stuck Inside a Dryer

Jeff Neumann · 11/20/10 09:38AM

It's Saturday morning so there's a good chance you're hung over. Not very fun! But at least you're not this girl, who got stuck in a dryer presumably after some serious drinking. And then her friends put it on YouTube.