What the VICE/CNN Partnership Means for Media, Hipsters, and News

Foster Kamer · 01/24/10 06:15PM

It was announced last week that the well-reputed paint-huffing punks of VICE were partnering up to share their VBS.TV content with CNN—the 30 year-old broadcast news network, America's first all-news channel—on their website. Does it mean anything?

These Are Your Excuses For Not Watching Mad Men Tonight

Foster Kamer · 08/16/09 06:45PM

Jesus. Will you people please, please STFU about Mad Men, the third season of which premieres tonight? [Ed. NO!] Fine. For people who'll be opting out of watching this evening, here're your five talking points/excuses when discussing at work tomorrow.

Sissies At NYT Sunday Styles Addicted To Weed Addictions, Man

Foster Kamer · 07/19/09 12:15PM

Drug addictions and rehab trips have - as much drugs themselves - been trendy forever. But what about weed addictions? The Times' Sunday Styles' 'bout to get all High Times on us and investigate. Bongs out, bowls packed? Blaze away!

Bret Easton Ellis Thinks The Hills Is "A Modern Masterpiece"

Foster Kamer · 06/28/09 01:15PM

So: Bret Easton Ellis is on the cover of expensive Amsterdam-based magazine Fantastic Man, drinking a Diet Coke. In it, he calls the soul-sucking experience that is The Hills "the greatest show that I have ever seen in my life."